Professionals know Film Budget Pro. Read what they have to say about us:

  • "Jacob Mosler is without question the best line producer I’ve ever worked with. Whether it’s the intricacies of specific line items, or managing a crew and their needs, Mr. Mosler executes every task with precision and speed. Moreover, he’s the first person to stand up for what’s right creatively, even if it means bearing the brunt of making the numbers work. I can’t imagine being in the trenches of production with anyone else."

    Lee Toland Krieger – Writer/Director (The Age of Adaline, Celeste & Jesse Forever, The Vicious Kind)
  • “I highly recommend Film Budget Pro. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects and have found their budgets and schedules to be accurate frameworks to build from. When budgets are tight, Jacob uses his extensive knowledge and experience to creatively assess the needs of the picture and create a budget and schedule that accurately reflects the needs of production without compromising creative vision. His knowledge of union rules and rates as well as his understanding of deliverables is invaluable to any production.”

    Amanda Marshall – Producer (Don’t Think Twice, Swiss Army Man, Diary of a Teenage Girl)
  • “Jacob Mosler is a person who I trust and admire. He has helped me out countless times on my projects in prep, in production and in post. He approaches his work holistically, deeply considerate of the creative and financial realities of his projects. Film Budget Pro is an outgrowth of his vast knowledge base as a filmmaker-friendly, independent movie warrior.“

    Jacob Aaron Estes – Writer / Director (Rings, 7 Minutes, The Details, Mean Creek)
  • “Over the years, I have utilized Film Budget Pro’s services over and over again to create budgets and schedules for independent films. Their work is unparalleled in terms of accuracy, thoroughness, and cost-effectiveness. I would highly recommend using Film Budget Pro to any filmmaker as the first step in moving your project towards getting a green light.”

    Jim Young – Producer (The Man Who Knew Infinity, Lovelace, The Words)
  • “I have worked with Jacob Mosler and Film Budget Pro on almost every film I’ve done – and he’s only been absent from the Whitewater roster when he’s been unavailable because he’s been working on another film! I’ve also suggested Film Budget Pro for budgeting and scheduling and have recommended Jacob for several producing jobs. Companies have always called me to say what a great asset Jacob turned out to be for them.”

    Rick Rosenthal – Director / Producer (Transparent, Bad Boys, Halloween II)
  • “We’ve been working with Jacob Mosler and Film Budget Pro for years and have only used him to generate our budgets and schedules. I know and trust that Jacob will deliver reliable, accurate, and detailed budgets and schedules which is critical when providing materials to our financiers. He’s always on time in terms of delivering documents, professional and most importantly has years of hands on experience so truly understands production. I also know I can rely on him to know the pros and cons of the myriad of tax incentives given that I don’t have the time or resources to keep up on the latest updates. It’s incredibly reassuring to be able to count on someone and trust them implicitly when it comes to knowing costs from development to deliverables. Can’t recommend him enough!”

    Tatiana Kelly – Producer (Life of a King, The Words)
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